ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit (2 tests)


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ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit (2 tests)

The ExSeed Home Sperm Test is a fast way to check, track, and improve your sperm quality in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No need to send your sample away. Get a complete understanding of your sperm health and fertility level. Includes 2 sperm tests, perfect if you wish to get an indication of your sperm quality. 

Product Description:

  • Comes with everything you need to test your total motile sperm count – the best predictor of male fertility.
  • Turns your smartphone into a microscope that allows you to record your sperm cells. 
  • Guides you through the testing process and analyzes your sperm sample with the same accuracy as in a fertility clinic.
  • Direct access to technical support, fertility specialists, and lifestyle coaches in the  ExSeed App.
  • Just order the refill kit when you want to perform more tests – the analysis device can be used for hundreds of tests.
  • The free ExSeed App contains a lifestyle program for you that is based on your tests and your profile. The program is made from an algorithm on the latest evidence from scientific studies.
  • Our fertility specialists perform quality controls to ensure each test meets a high level of standard.


  • 1 x ExSeed Analysis Device (CE marked)
  • 2 x collection cups and lids
  • 2 x sample slides
  • 2 x wipes
  • Instructions for Use
  • Free access to the ExSeed App
  • 1 x free 15-minute consultation call with a fertility specialist who will give you lifestyle advice to improve your sperm quality.
  • Two Year warranty on the ExSeed Analysis Device (CE marked)

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