Cool Beans Men’s Health Underwear

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Why Cool Beans?
Cool Beans is an innovative, cooling underwear designed to keep the testes cool, boost sperm health and ensure the scrotum remains supported away from the insulation of the thighs.

Cool Beans underwear has a unique, patented, scientifically designed mesh pouch that comfortably supports the testes and scrotum holding them away from the body allowing the testicles to self-regulate at 2-3°C cooler than core body temperature.

This innovative design significantly decreases the risk of temperature rise and sweat-induced skin issues, minimising thermal insulation, maximising comfort and safeguarding against overheating and undue compression.


Say goodbye to uncomfortable and sweaty situations with our patented cooling, yet comfy design! Our elasticised mesh pouch gently pulls the scrotum forward to prevent it from being insulated by the thighs, especially when seated. No more discomfort or awkward adjustments needed! Experience the comfort and freedom with our revolutionary design. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it makes.

Please make sure you've measured yourself accurately to get the best fit. We cannot accept any returns on underwear garments if the package has been opened. 

Please also note that feedback from existing customers shows that cool beans tend to come up slightly smaller than expected and are quite tight fitting due to the elasticity of the fabric. You may want to consider ordering 1 waist size larger than what you would normally wear. 


Make sure you check out how to wear your Cool Beans so that you get maximum benefit

How to wear your Cool Beans